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About Us

A mosaic of tastes and a celebration of Japanese cuisine, Tokyo Tuna has pioneered sushi in Miami for the past 25 years. With fish flown in from around the world each day, Tokyo offers the freshest and most inventive sushi menu in South Florida.

Our Story

Tokyo Tuna Restaurant was established in 1993. The restaurant was created by Larry Chi and wife Barbara. At the time they started, they were the youngest sushi bar in town (average age of chefs was 21). The owners had a previous restaurant in downtown Miami but decided to fill a niche that was needed in, then the small local town of, South Miami, now named the “All-American City”. Larry and Barbara have both worked and still continue to work within the restaurant since the very beginning.

Tokyo Tuna Chefs

Most of the chefs that started the restaurant were family members which still continue to work at Tokyo Tuna to this day. All chefs work with the same dedication and enthusiasm as Larry and hold their position to the highest esteem. Throughout the years, the chefs have become an establishment within South Florida, which patrons call the best-kept secret in South Miami.